01 / Our Principles

With over 20 Years of industry expertise, SeraPrime has stood at the forefront of the serum industry, offering unparalleled expertise on a global scale. Specializing in high-quality Fetal Bovine Serum (also known as Fetal Calf Serum or FBS), we also provide a comprehensive selection of other serum products to meet the diverse needs of research laboratories.

02 / Our Commitment
SeraPrime is dedicated to delivering a value-driven solution for all your laboratory's needs, leveraging our extensive global network of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) and other serum suppliers to bring you significant cost savings. Our commitment means we never compromise on quality, ensuring you receive only top-grade serum solutions.

Specializing in customized service, we at SeraPrime meticulously cater to the unique demands of your research, setting us apart in the serum industry. Unlock the potential of your research with SeraPrime’s premium FBS and serum products, where excellence and affordability meet.
03 / Our People

Carla Kutrubes and Tom Kutrubes spearhead SeraPrime with a blend of dedication and expertise unique to the fetal bovine serum (FBS) industry. Carla's distinguished background as an ICU Nurse, while Tom, is celebrated for his entrepreneurial spirit, evidenced by accolades such as the Top 40 Under Forty in Northern Colorado and Boulder Valley, alongside holding 3 US Patents. His passion for building enduring relationships is matched by Carla's background bringing a deep understanding of medical needs to their mission. Together, they're driven by a shared goal of impacting scientific research, with Carla's transition to the serum industry sparked by a commitment to advancing medical breakthroughs and a desire to balance professional achievement with family life.

SeraPrime is not just a supplier but a vital partner in the biomedical sector, committed to ensuring the highest quality FBS. The company's success lies in Carla and Tom's hands-on approach, offering transparent, personalized support that extends beyond transactions. They focus on sourcing premium serum and assisting clients through every stage—evaluation, cost-saving strategies, and navigating global export requirements. This level of dedication sets SeraPrime apart, fostering a network of trust and satisfaction among their clients.

At its heart, SeraPrime embodies Carla and Tom's mutual passion for fostering innovations in science while prioritizing their family values and community relationships. Their leadership reflects a harmonious blend of industry knowledge, visionary thinking, and a personal touch that transcends conventional business practices. By championing scientific advancements and client satisfaction, they not only propel SeraPrime forward but also contribute significantly to the wider field of scientific research and medical discovery.

04 / Our Quality

Our customers always come first, and we are mindful of their unique and individual FBS and serum needs. We pride ourselves in attention to detail to ensure your complete satisfaction and transparency as we customize your FBS/serum sample evaluation and buying experience.

We understand that every individual, laboratory, and organization have diverse FBS / serum needs and requirements. We aim to exceed your expectations from all aspects of serum, quality, service, traceability and affordability throughout the life of our serum products. To ensure the highest levels of quality compliance, our FBS is manufactured in an ISO class 13485 Approved Facility and filtered in an ISO class 5 environment exceeding industry standards.

Let us earn your support and build a long-lasting partnership with your lab as your trusted FBS and Serum source.

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