Terms of Service

By purchasing and accepting delivery of SeraPrime, LLC product(s) the customer enters into agreement and bound by these conditions and terms outlined (Terms of Service).


Freight charges are FOB shipping point and are prepaid and added to your invoice.  Typical shipments are scheduled Monday-Wednesday of each week unless otherwise noted.  We cannot accept responsibility for specialized requests by the customer which are outside our normal methods or schedules.  All frozen products are packaged carefully with dry ice and designed to remain frozen throughout express transit and upon arrival.  Additional charges apply for shipments that include dry ice and handling of this material.

Payment Terms:

Payment terms are Net 30 Days following the date of purchase unless otherwise specified.  A finance charge of 1.5% per month or 18% annually will be applied and charged to past due invoices excess of Net 30 days.

Refund & Return Policy

Upon your receipt of goods shipped, you shall inspect the goods and notify us of any claims for shortages, defects, or damages. If you fail to so notify us within three days after you receive goods, the goods shall conclusively be deemed to conform to these Conditions and to have been irrevocably accepted by you.

Authorization for product returns must be approved by SeraPrime, LLC. Not all items will be authorized for return, due to temperature and packing requirement. Items authorized for return must arrive at facility in a state satisfactory for resale to be eligible for product credit.

A restocking charge of 25% shall be charged on returns that are not the result of any error or fault of ours. Shipping charges will not be credited. Product returns may not be returned for credit 30 days after your receipt of the goods.

Any products that the customer request special treatments are not subject to refund/return due to the custom and unique nature of additional procedures.

Credit and Refunds

At our discretion, we may issue a product of credit or refund for the product value and shipping charges. No product credit shall be available for use if a past due balance is outstanding on the account. Any product credit not used within three months of the date of issue shall expire.

Use of our Products:

SeraPrime, LLC serum products are for further manufacturing or research use, not for direct human or animal consumption.  Test results for the various serum product(s) offered have been obtained from third party certified testing laboratories and are believed to be accurate. 

It is recommended that each customer conducts their own test to determine acceptance, compliance within their research applications and verify/quality data prior to purchasing.

Products purchased without prior testing are not subject to refund and return policy.

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