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SeraPrime encompasses the highest industry standards for all levels of research compliance and laboratory settings globally. We have special focus on Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) but offer many other sera such as Newborn Calf, Horse, Mouse, Rabbit, Pig and Human AB.


Cold Storage options available.

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Fetal Bovine Serum, Newborn Calf, Horse, Mouse, Rabbit, Pig, Human AB


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United States Origin, USDA Approved

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Heat-Inactivated, Gamma Irradiated, Charcoal-Stripped, Exosome-Depleted, Lipid-Depleted, TET-Free


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Product Treatments

SeraPrime offers FBS products that have undergone additional treatment to support sensitive culture applications, available in any size.


Heat inactivation of serum is performed by raising the temperature of the serum to 56°C and maintaining that temperature for 30 minutes. Heat inactivation is the method of choice to destroy complement protein activity.

Gamma Irradiated

Gamma irradiation of serum is intended to assure the complete removal of a virus and or viral inactivation.

Specialty Serum

SeraPrime offers a selection of serum products designed for specialty applications and sensitive cell cultures, including stem cell research, cancer research, reporter assays, immunoassays, and more.


Charcoal and dextran are commonly used to remove hormones that can affect cell culture growth; growth assays using Vero cells.


Depleted of 2:90% of endogenous exosomes and is intended for use in cell culture exosome isolation assays.

For researchers who are interested in isolating exosomes from cultured cells without the complication of bovine exosomes that are present in standard FBS.


Lipid-depleted FBS reduces the Lipid-Depleted concentration of lipids (free fatty acids).

For research applications where the normal concentration of lipids may interfere with cell growth.


Does not contain trace levels of tetracycline (or its derivatives) which have been observed to interfere with proper regulation of TRE-controlled gene expression.

For researchers studying neuroscience, cancer research, drug screening, vaccine development, and gene editing.

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